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A note from their pastor…

       Eric and Sharon Hurley are true believers that exhibit the love of Christ down to the “giving a cup of cold water in His name!” (Mark 9:41).  As you can see in the testimonials they are extremely active with the children in the community.  But I want to express that their ministry goes far beyond what is done at church.  I have also seen them personally go beyond what anyone would have thought to care for the children of our community. They have given over and above of their time, energy, and personal funds to care for these children. 

       I have pastored for almost half a century and have had many, many staff to serve with me.  But I can say none, and I mean none, have had the purity of heart to serve unnoticed and even unrewarded as this couple.  They are the “real deal!”  They are a true treasure in the Kingdom of God.

       I would ask each of you to partner with them.  You will be rewarded for each child that is REACHED before they must be RESCUED!


JD Simmons

Redemption Church, Lead Pastor

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